Mastery over Money, Wealth, and Possessions God's Way


-The Godly Money Mindset book is a personal finance companion to a 6-series online training course of the same title. These two tools combined will transform your thinking, attitudes and actions forever regarding money, wealth, possessions and greed. With so much noise, confusion, and half-truths on these matters, the authors will take you through a transformative journey and pinpoint how to become the best version of your financial self and all other aspects of life, like being a better husband, wife, parent, better social relations, and spiritual awareness.


  • Prayed for a spiritual financial breakthrough and nothing has happened!
  • Worry about money, wealth and possessions and feel frustrated with no answers!
  • Want to leave a legacy for your children, children’s and you are up in age and have not started yet!
  • Want to get out debt and overcome threats of materialism, consumerism, and greed and have no plan for a solution!
  • Have plateaued in your career and business and feel lost with no next steps!
  • Want to give more to your favorite charity, church, institutions, or philanthropic interest that you care about but cannot because you do not financial resources!
  • Have bad financial challenges and have been unsuccessful in breaking these destructive habits!
  • Want a better understanding of key financial strategies and practices and do not know how to get started!
  • Want to grow your money and have more come back to you!
  • Want to pay less taxes and have no plan of action!
  • Want to move money, wealth and possessions to your background where they belong instead of the forefront or center of your being!
  • Looking for contentment and have not found it yet!

This book and training is meant for you to get right. God cares a great deal about your money, wealth, possessions and greed. He has written a book “the BIBLE” with over 2,000 verses pertaining to your money, wealth, possessions and greed. Of those verses, 16 of 38 were Jesus’ parables, and nearly 25% were Jesus’ words in the New Testament dealing with Biblical Stewardship.
God deals with these issues more than love and faith. There are many scriptures about money, wealth, possessions and greed and there is a direct correlation between how you handle these issues of love and faith.
The authors breaks down in simple, easy format the steps, study, personal commitment worksheets and access to a Christian Financial Advisor to help you understand, grow and act in your Godly journey.


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Church and group training will be customized. Contact Email:

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Church and group training will be customized. Contact Email:

We thank you for ordering the book and registering for the course. We pray that you find these resources a blessing in becoming the person you can be in your life’s journey. Stay tune for our next book, future events and more great content.